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Komeer is a secure two-way messaging service that saves schools up to 85% on their schools communications costs, making parents life’s easier and provides 24/7 Child Safety alerts service.
Schools have high communication costs including administration, SMS texting, printing, school bag notes and multilingual challenges. Komeer helps schools reduce costs to easily and rapidly communicate with parents.
Komeer is FREE for parents and now FREE for schools to use.

Komeer’s video above to learn how your school can start making valuable savings using Komeer.
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Benefits For Schools:

  • FREE for Schools
  • Reduce SMS Costs, Paper, Printing and Ink costs
  • Reduce Hassle and wasting valuable time 
  • Increase School Revenue from fundraising
  • Increase School attendance at events and activities
  • Increase Savings for Sports and Craft Activities, School Equipment and School Trips
  • Unlimited Messages, Users and Groups
  • Organise School Events, Activities and Fundraising

Benefits For Parents:

  • Free For parents to use
  • Stay Connected With parents keeping them informed
  • In control of child’s DATA
  • Login made simple – Email, Google+, Facebook
  • Add to Google Calendar for event alerts
  • Join external groups for sports and activities

Why Schools TRUST Komeer?

  • Child Safety Service
  • Over 1 Million Alerts
  • Huge Savings
  • Total control of communication
  • Secure Data
  • Recommended by schools
  • Unlimited messages, unlimited users

For further information contact Komeer at or call us on 01-8941410 to arrange a product demonstration.

Komeer look forward to meeting with you.