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Making lives safer everyday with
our new Personal Safety App

The Komeer safety app for women can instantly alert your chosen contacts and send audio and video evidence directly to their smartphones.

Our panic button or SOS alarm will automatically send a message with your location. Fake Call – Avoid unpleasant or threatening situations by getting your phone to call you.

Help us build a safety app you want. 


Personal Alerts Safety App

Benefits of using the Komeer personal safety app

Out Walking

For most women, walking or jogging alone can feel unsafe. A personal safety app will give you confidence and make you feel safer when doing these activities.

At Work

Do you work unsociable hours or work alone? Many of us do nowadays, so we need security we can trust. Therefore, a personal safety app at your fingertips is essential.


If you are meeting people online for the first time, set up a Fake Call so you have an excuse to leave. Have your safety app with you if you lose your friends when socialising and find yourself alone.


The Komeer personal safety app can provide you with peace of mind when traveling alone in a taxi or bus. Sometimes these situations can be uncomforable when alone.

Be safe, be confident when you’re alone

You need to be prepared for many risky situations, whether you’re travelling to an unfamiliar part of town, commuting on a bus or working alone.

So keep the Komeer personal safety app close to send a SOS alert to ensure your loved ones find you and confirm your safety.

Having the Komeer personal safety app handy makes sure that acquaintances, family members and friends can take the necessary measures for the safety of those who have suffered domestic abuse or violence.

By setting up the Fake Call before going on that first date, you can prevent unpleasant or threatening situations. Your phone will ring at the specific time you set.

We would love your feedback, be part of the journey.


Safety App for Women Fake Call

How it works

Step 1

Download the Komeer Personal Safety App from the App Store or Play Store.

Step 2

Create your account and choose your emergancy contacts

Step 3

Select the membership plan that fits your personal needs.

We believe that everybody has the right to feel safe, wherever they are and in any situation.

Panic Button / SOS Alarm

Once activated, your exact location will be sent to your close contacts and the audio and video will automatically start recording and streamed to your close contacts.

Voice Activation

If your phone is in your pocket or bag, you can activate the SOS alert by simply saying your activation phrase. Feel more confident even if your phone is not in your hand.

Panic Button


In a strange part of town? Use the check-in feature so your close contacts know your location and that you are safe from harm.

Fake Call

The Fake Call can be set up prior to heading out. you want your phone to ring and this will give you an excuse to leave if you’re in an uncomfortable situation.

and much more..

Be part of the Journey

Help us help You

We are looking for participants to help us build a personal safety app that works for you. With your feedback and input, our dedicated development team will build the app that women want.

Please fill in your details to join us on our journey and you can schedule your 10 minute meeting. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.


Women's Personal Safety App