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Now that St Patrick’s Day festivities are fast
approaching, schools using Komeer have been in contact enquiring about nice ways to use Komeer to wish their parents and students a Happy St Patrick’s Day.

So here it is:

1. Login to your school account at

2. Click on Alerts and “Create Alert+” 

3. Choose from one of the ready to go templates: “Happy St Patrick’s Day
 slide 1
4. Select the group(s) you want to send the message to.

slide 2

5Create the message text as you please. Add your name, the school name, web links, ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’ greetings etc. Keep it personal.

slide 3

6. Click on “Advanced Options

slide 4

7. REPLACE a good St Patrick’s Day “Image” and click on “Save“.

slide 5

slide 6

8. Click on “Send” your message will then be sent out to school parents.

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Your St Patrick’s Day greeting message will then be sent to 200 or even 2,000 parents with no SMS costs to worry about. Also remember you are not limited to 160 characters as per SMS texting so you can include multiple lines and even paragraphs in your Komeer message.

9. St Patrick’s Day Greeting received

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