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Frequently asked Questions

Top 10 Questions asked by Principals at the IPPN 2017 Conference

What is Komeer?
Komeer is a new two-way messaging service for schools that save schools up to 85% on their SMS texting costs..Using Komeer makes parents lives easier and saves the school time by making it really easy to send messages and organise school activities.
What type of messages can I send when using Komeer?
When using Komeer you can quickly and easily send everyday school messages in the same way as from Textaparent, Aladdin or Databiz. The difference and advantages however are that Komeer messages are not limited to 160 characters and can include small schoolbag notes, images and links to your school website.You can also use Komeer to communicate with parents about upcoming fundraising events Also as Komeer is now free to schools and parents!


Can I set up different Groups to send messages to using Komeer?
Yes, with Komeer you can setup an unlimited number of messaging groups for each year, class, activity (Football, Music Speech and Drama etc), Groups for parents and teachers can also be created. Groups can be easily setup by both child name or parent name.
How do I setup Komeer and get my data across from our existing system?
You don’t have to! Parents simply install and setup their details on the Komeer app and subscribe to your main School group. Once the School approves the parent their full up to date contact details are available to the school. i.e We have specifically designed Komeer so there is no need to import or manually setup parents details. Setup is easy and our local support team will guide you through the process.


Is Komeer a Whatsapp or Facebook for Schools?
Absolutely not. Komeer has been three years in development working with and listening closely to School Principals and Secretaries. Komeer has been deliberately designed so that the School fully controls communications providing parents with a limited but highly effective way of responding and engaging with their child’ school.


What if a parent changes their mobile number?

Not a problem, Komeer is not dependant on a parent’ mobile number and works on most smartphones and tablets to make sure that parents receive your messages. In fact, the Komeer app includes a unique facility allowing parents to keep their full contact details up to date so the school don’t have to. This saves School Secretary’ hours of work.

What does Komeer Two-Way messaging mean?
Two-Way means that by using the Komeer App parents can quickly respond and engage with the school. Parents can tap “YES” to confirm they have received a message from the school or tap “NO” to say they will not be attending a school parents evening. The School Principal and Secretary can then see the responses on a simple easy to read dashboard. For example: 182 parents have said “YES” they will be attending the next parents evening or 255 parents have acknowledged “YES” that school will be closing early on Friday.


How much does Komeer cost?

The Komeer App is FREE for parents to download and use! We have different price packages for schools/clubs/ creches etc. You can check our pricing table and see what package suits you. Pricing Table

Is their a cost for Parents?
No, Komeer is completely free for parents! Parents love the Komeer app because it keeps them up to date with School alerts and activities. Komeer can also automatically add school activities and meetings onto their smartphone calendar.


What about security, privacy and Data protection?
Komeer data is stored securely and fully encrypted with EV SSL protection. The Komeer service has been fully reviewed by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and has been awarded an “A” security rating by the independent Qualsys SSL Labs.


If you have any more questions or would like to find out more about Komeer send us an email to [email protected]