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5 Helpful App Tips

To help you get the most out of Komeer, we’re always monitoring what questions you ask us about how it works, how it can be personalised, and how we can help you. We’ve gathered together the answers to these questions for you, so here are the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about the app.

1. Weather Alerts

We all like to know how the weather will turn out each day. You can easily receive daily weather alerts in the Komeer app.

    • tap on your profile picture
    • choose settings
    • you will see Weather Alerts at the bottom
    • toggle the switch to on
    • choose Daily alerts or Warnings only

That’s it, you are now setup to receive weather alerts.

weather Alerts

2. Add/Edit Profile Picture

Lots of people like to use an image of their kids or pets as their profile picture so we have made this process very easy to do.

    • tap on My Profile on the bottom menu in the app
    • tap edit profile
    • tap the camera icon
    • take photo/choose photo will pop up at the bottom
    • once you have your photo, click continue and then save

Your new profile picture is now updated.

Profile Picture

3. Subscribe to a Group

You can subscribe to one or multiple groups if needed. There are no limits to the number of groups you can subscribe to as some users may be in a school group and a scouts or sports group.

    • tap on Groups on the bottom menu in the app
    • type in the group name in the search bar or scroll through the list
    • once you find the group simply tap subscribe, you can add children or subscribe by yourself if needed
    • your request to join the group will be pending until the group admin accepts your request
    • once you are accepted you will receive an alert to say you are part of the group and you will start receiving alerts from the group
5 App Tips - Subscribe to a Group

4. Unsubscribe from a Group

We take GDPR very seriously so all app users are in control of their own data. You don’t have to contact the school/club or community group to ask them to take you of their mailing list.

    • tap on My Profile on the bottom menu in the app
    • scroll down to your groups
    • simply tap on the Bin icon and tap Yes to unsubscribe

You are now unsubscribed from the group and this will automatically update on the group’s Komeer account so you will no longer receive alerts. If you unsubscribe by mistake you can simply follow tip no. 3 above.

5 App Tips - Unsubscribe

5. Add/Remove Children

Some parents may have children in different groups or classes. If a child leaves a school, you don’t want to be receiving alerts that are not relevant or if you have another child joining the school you can easily add them.

    • tap on My Profile on the bottom menu in the app
    • scroll down to your children
    • simply tap on the Bin icon and tap Yes to remove the child
    • to add the child, tap Add Children
    • enter their name, add them to a group and click save

You can easily manage your children in the app at all times. This will automatically update on the group’s Komeer account. 

5 App Tips - Add Children

If you have any other questions you would like answered, please email [email protected]

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