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Communications, Events and Payments
all in one place..…

Komeer is a simple and secure two way communications platform designed to deliver fast, reliable and cost efficient messaging for schools, creches, clubs and any size business.

Komeer Payments is an easy way to collect payments for books, school tours, swimming etc. with full reports and transaction history.

Say goodbye to separate Payments and Texting systems.



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Komeer iPhone

Why Komeer?

Komeer has successfully delivered One Million Alerts, communicating with schools and parents and can save your school up to 85% on your communication costs.

Sign up its FREE for Schools, Clubs and Parents!

Komeer Communications

Alerts, Events and Payments – Simple, Fast and No Fuss

 A Communications Service built for your needs.

Komeer is designed and developed with the customers and app users always in mind so you can rely on Komeer communications to reach all your users.

When you send an alert message to your parents/guardians you can be assured that your message will be delivered as they will receive your message by the Komeer App, by Email or by using the Komeer Web App.



Komeer Payments

Komeer Payments Service


360 Payments Komeer


Payments Made Easy

  1. Pay by App
  2. Pay by Email
  3. Pay by Web App
  4. Pay by SMS
  5. Pay by Cash
  6. Pay by Cheque


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How can using Komeer help You with GDPR? 

We know that GDPR is a very serious and tedious matter when it comes to retaining parents and children’s data. At Komeer we have spent months of thought and development into making Komeer like no other product out there.

There are many ways that Komeer can help with keeping your school GDPR compliant as it is built in a way that eases your workload. You don’t have to update details manually, all data is encrypted and backed up automatically, audit trails and much more..


Komeer GDPR

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Komeer Key Features

Two way Messaging

Secure two way instant messaging, Simple, Fast and Easy to use

Reduces communication costs, No more SMS costs

Parents Contact Details

Keep Parents Contact Details Up to Date

Add Users to Komeer

Unlimited messages and users

Live Responses

Group communications with Live Response monitoring

Komeer is FREE for Parents to Download

Free App for parents to download

iPhone with open event alert
Organise school activities

Organise school activities

Create Event Alerts

Create Event Alerts – Add location and time to Google Calendar

Email alerts to Non-App users

Email  alerts to Non-App users

24/7 Child Safety Alerts

24/7 Child Safety Alerts

Increase school revenue

Create and Send Fundraising Alerts – Increase school revenue

Payments and Reporting

Payments and Reporting (available soon)

What do Parents Gain from Using Komeer

Keeps parents Informed on Child Safety 24/7

Keeps parents Informed on Child Safety 24/7

Parents in Control of their Child’ Data

Parents in Control of their Child’ Data

View parents Responses

View parents Responses

Free for parents

Free for parents

Login Made Simple – Email, Google+ or Facebook

Login Made Simple –  Email, Google+ or Facebook

Event Alerts

Event Alerts – Add to Google Calendar, receive reminder

Join External Groups

Users can Join External Groups for sports and activities

Dashboard Key Features

Create Groups by both Children and Parents names

Create Groups by both Children and Parents names

Track and Monitor responses

Track and Monitor responses

Manage Users – Accept or Reject requests

Manage Users – Accept or Reject requests

Create and Edit Alerts

Create and Edit Alerts

Create Events – Set time and location

Create Events – Set time and location

Automatic Updates and Backups

Automatic Updates and Backups

Komeer Dashboard on iMac Screen

and packed with even more features....


Email Alerts for non app users

Email Alerts for non app users

Reduce administration time

Reduce administration time

Easier Management of parents data

Easier Management of parents data

Export Functionality Data

Export Functionality Data


Customised Templates


Komeer is Free for Schools


Komeer offers schools a multitude of benefits ranging from cost reduction to the peace of mind of knowing messages are reaching parents.

Komeer is Free for Parents


Komeer keeps parents connected with their children’s school, receiving updates and invitations for upcoming meetings, events and games…

Komeer Free for Clubs

Clubs & Societies

Club and Society leaders and organizers know the challenges of trying to communicate with members and teammates on top….

Komeer for Business


Project managers and employers can use Komeer to organize teams working on different projects. Through Komeer they can send out project updates…

Download Komeer App

Link to the App Store to download Komeer app


Link to Google Play Store to download Komeer app


Komeer Team

Pat Walsh CEO Komeer

Pat Walsh

CEO Komeer


Colm O’Sullivan

Lead Developer

Colm O'Sullivan Komeer
Zoe Ryan

Cathy Kavanagh

Operations & Accounts


Alex Hughes Komeer

Alex Hughes

Full-stack Developer


Pat Walsh CEO Komeer

Joe Fernandez

Komeer CMO


Fran Farrell Komeer

Fran Farrell

Web Development


Val O'Dwyer

Val O’Dwyer

Marketing & Sales

Michelle Scanlan

Content Specialist

Michelle Scanlan Komeer
Artur Vorobjov Komeer

Artur Vorobjov

Full-stack Developer




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