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With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we have introduced a Komeer Covid-19 alerts service. This will be available free of charge to all our Schools, Community Text Alerts and neighbourhood watch users throughout all of Ireland.

We will be sending out regular alerts which will keep you informed of the most important information to be aware of to prevent the spread of Covoid-19.

How to Join the Covid-19 Group

If you already have the Komeer app installed, simply go to the Groups section of the app and search for the group ‘Covid-19’ and subscribe to the group.

Once your subscription to the group is approved you will start receiving your alerts.

If you are a new user please follow the steps below.


Download the Komeer App for your phone/tablet etc. and install the app on your device.

App Store Komeer app download
Play Store Komeer app download


Create your account by entering your details, search and subscribe to ‘Covid-19’ group and you will start receiving alerts.

Covid-19 Komeer Blog
If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]