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What Our Customers Say

Komeer has been a huge help to our company, since signing up to Komeer we have made our work a lot lighter, one simple text helps us communicate with over 200 parents on a weekly basis. The app is extremely easy and quick to use for both staff and customers and the online website is full of helpful advice, I would highly recommend signing up today.

Louise O Hara

Clever Clogs Creche

I find Komeer very user friendly, even for those who are not too familiar with technology. Parents and guardians are absolutely delighted with it as am I. It has improved our communication and event attendance immensely and I would highly recommend it.

Liam Turner - Principal

Faythe Convent, Wexford.

Komeer has been a wonderful addition to our creche. We have tried other communication services in the past and always felt the extensive recording on tablets interfered with our quality time with the children.
Komeer was quick and easy to set up and the response from parents has been very positive. This service allows us to keep parents informed and up to date about curriculum, illnesses, closures etc..


The Learning Circle Childcare - The Coast

Komeer is an excellent service. It is very easy to use once initial set up is complete. It is FREE, therefore a huge saving for our school and there is no limit on length of texts. Komeer staff were on hand at all times if we had any problems and we would definitely recommend them.

Mrs Andrea Malone

Principal, St Mary's National School

We are using Komeer in the school this year and have found it to be a more effective communication system than text messaging. It is proving much more cost effective and in our case there is no added expense for typing messages in Irish which was a big factor in our decision to change to Komeer.

Deirble Nic Conghamhna - Principal

Scoil Neasáin, Baile Hearman, Baile Átha Cliath 5

I would have no difficulty in saying Komeer has been a very useful addition to our school. It has improved our communication with parents greatly and It has worked out much cheaper than previous text services. I would highly recommend Komeer!

Cyril Duggan - Principal

Emo Mixed National School

Komeer is a new modern community alert app that can cater for any community text alerts. It’ easy to set up and use and is very cost effective with massive savings compared with our old text alert system. Great support services. Would highly recommend.

Mr Jonathan McCarthy (Garda)

Ballydehob Community Alert

Komeer has been a huge help to our school, since signing up to Komeer we have made our work a lot lighter, one simple text helps us communicate with over 200 parents on a weekly basis. The app is extremely easy and quick to use for both staff and customers and the online website is full of helpful advice, I would highly recommend signing up today.

Jackie - Rúnaí

Gaelscoil Cholmcille

Having introduced the Komeer app as a method of communication with parents we find it invaluable. We use it to keep parents informed of school activities and important notices.

Dwain Moore - Principal

St Davids BNS, Artane

We have found changing over to Komeer as a means to communicate with parents as a worthwhile and positive endeavor. It is a more cost effective method of communication as paperwork is reduced and unlimited alerts may be sent. Unlimited groups of parents and teachers can be set up with ease which enables a flow of communication among these groups. 

Sandra Moriarty - School Secretary

Saint Fursey's National School

I found Komeer had many advantages of both audience participation, saving time for administration, who did not need to chase each participants by phone, email and SMS. Komeer reduces not only the staff time but also reduces phone and SMS costs.
I would strongly recommend that any organisation which books events and requires feedback of attendance in advance from their clients use Komeer.

Dr Hugh Hayden - Enterprise Manager

LINC (Learning and Innovation Centre)

Komeer has allowed us to contact parents much more frequently and a variety of messages on various topics can be sent. We can also give precise messages to different groups e.g. sports groups, year trips and class outings.

Michael Behan - Principal

St Paul's College, Dublin

Komeer will even upload all your pupils/parents initially to get you up and running. New features are regularly added to the system and our feedback and suggestions around  using it has been incorporated into updated versions. It is so easy for parents to install and sign up for the school group. The admin web interface is quite simple to get used to and allows for easy creation and management of groups.


The feature to send weblinks in messages is also invaluable as we can send links to pages on our website or full online seasonal newsletters directly to parents further reducing  costs like printing etc. 

Cathal O Connell

Holy Spirit BNS, Ballymun

Komeer is a fast and effective method of communicating with our parents. Prior to Komeer we used to send letters, notes and texts from our Aladdin system. We send reminders, information re school closures, meetings, trips/tours, events taking place, performances. You can text an unlimited amount in one go, set dates for the reminders to stay with the family, text certain groups and set up unique templates.
Komeer is user friendly, like any piece of technology, the more familiar you become with it the more you find  can do with it. It has saved us a lot of time and energy and has reduced our carbon foot print, has it has eliminated the use of paper notes/letters. It also reassures us that the parent/guardian has seen the information that we are sending them.
Joan Conway

Acting Principal, Scoil Mhuire Junior

It was Storm Ophelia and the inability to even get in to school to contact parents, which prompted us to look at a different messaging system.  Komeer ticked all the boxes!


We have been using Komeer for a year and we are delighted with the app.  The set up was very easy and the switch over was instant.  In particular the support staff at Komeer made the process so easy by always being on hand to answer any query.


We rarely send notes home, saving considerably on time and costs.  Furthermore, engagement has increased as we know messages have been delivered.


We have set up groups for various school activities (e.g. Class groups, choir, basketball, Communion, etc) and as Komeer is child centered, we just key in the child’s name and the message goes to that child’s “assigned user”.


The feedback from parents has been excellent and we look forward to the exciting new developments planned by Komeer in future.

Brigitte Nelson

Secretary, St Francis NS