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Direct Debit Setup

How to Setup Direct Debit Payments


How to qualify for Direct Debits

Before you can accept SEPA Direct Debit payments, your Stripe account needs to have regularly processed card payments for 30 days. This requirement is from Stripe and not Komeer.

Once you qualify for Direct Debits we will send you an email explaining the steps for setting up Direct Debits in your account. 

Direct Debit Payments Komeer

SEPA Checklist

To help guide you through the setup process we have created a SEPA checklist for you to follow. You can access the checklist from your ‘Customer Account’ page.


SEPA Checklist

Step 1. Request Access

From your Komeer account click ‘Request Access’, this will bring you to your Stripe account where you will then click ‘Request Invite’.

Checklist Setup Request

You will receive an email from Stripe stating they have received your request. This request will can take several business days to be reviewed and approved by Stripe.

While awaiting approval you can complete Step 2.

Step 2. Obtain Creditor Identifier

You will need to contact your Bank and ask them how you obtain your Creditor Identifier as each Bank has a different process. Please be aware that this may take a couple of weeks depending on your Bank.

The link on the SEPA Checklist will explain what a Creditor Identifier is but you must obtain this from your own Bank.

You will not be able to continue to Step 3 until you are approved by Stripe and you have obtained your Creditor Identifier from your Bank.

Creditor Identifier


As the setup process can take a few weeks you can click the checkbox for each stage as they are completed so this will remind you what stage you are working on.

Completed Stages

If you need any assistance please call 01 894 1410 or email [email protected]

Step 3. Activate SEPA Direct Debit

Once approved by Stripe and you received your Creditor Identifier from your Bank you can now active your Direct Debit option.

From your Komeer account click ‘Activate Now’ and this will bring you to your Stripe account, then click ‘Activate’.

Activate Direct Debit
You will be asked to provide your Creditor Identifier at this stage.

Step 4. Input Stripe API Key

The final stage of the process is to enter your Stripe API Key into your Komeer account. To retrieve your API Key please follow this LINK and you will be directed to your API Keys.

Stripe API Key

Click on the ‘Reveal Live Key Token’ in the Secret Key section and copy your API Key as you will need to paste this into your Komeer account.

When you click ‘Enter Key’ on the SEPA Checklist you will be prompted to paste your API Key which you copied in the last step.

Stripe API

Click ‘Submit’ and the setup process is complete.


Now that the setup is complete you will need to test that your SEPA Direct Debit is enabled and verified.

From the SEPA Checklist simply click ‘Test SEPA’ and if the setup is correct you will receive a Success Message.



If you need any assistance please call 01 894 1410 or email [email protected]