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Komeer for Creches


Childcare Providers Benefit Hugely from Using Komeer!

Did you know that Komeer is used by creches to communicate with parents and carers? The growing success of Komeer has meant that we are in a position to expand into a range of new sectors and one of these is the childcare sector. As with schools Komeer is totally free to creche owners and parents! Like any setting that has the care of children at there core, creches are extremely busy places and as a result they find Komeer particularly helpful in a myriad of ways.

From an administrative perspective creches save on the cost of paper, and SMS costs. Also, Komeer offers creches an instant way of communicating safely and securely with parents about everything from closures linked to weather events to informing parents of an outbreak of an illness in the creche.

Don’t just take our word for the benefits that Komeer can bring to your childcare setting, Louise O’ Hara the owner of Clever Clogs Creche in Dublin has this to say about the benefits of using Komeer:

‘Komeer has been a huge help to our company, since signing up to Komeer we have made our work a lot lighter, one simple text helps us communicate with over 200 parents on a weekly basis , we particularly found the app to be of a huge help during the recent bad weather conditions with one push of a button we could update our parents on creche closure & opening times etc. The app is extremely easy and quick to use for both staff and customers and the online website is full of helpful advice, I would highly recommend signing up today!’


Komeer for Creches Kids Painting


Benefits of using Komeer in your childcare setting:

Komeer is now strongly established as a trusted means of communicating with parents in primary and secondary schools around the country. The trust we have established with schools is now available to providers in the childcare sector! Using Komeer will help you in the day to day running of your facility by:

– Saving you and your staff time and money

– Komeer is very easy to set up and start using

-The Komeer website has lots of helpful information and help to help you get set up

-You will be easily able to send messages to a large number of people in one go

-You will be able to see who has read the messages you send

– You will be able to set up templates within Komeer that suit the needs of your particular setting

 – Komeer have been thoroughly vetted by the Data Protection Commissioner and fully compliant with data procedures. Komeer will also be fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25th 2018 when it will apply. So, when using Komeer you need have no concerns about the security of the information you are sharing.


The importance of communication in the childcare sector:

There is no area where communication is more important than with parents of children. At Komeer we know and understand that parents lead hectic lives and that a creche is for many parents a home away from home for their children. Regular two-way communication between parents and those who care for their children is crucial. Komeer offers parents an efficient and secure way of keeping up to date with what is happening in their child’ creche. Likewise, using Komeer offers creches a cost effective and reliable way of letting parents know of daily and or weekly events in the creche.


Komeer payments service:


Komeer Payments Screen

At Komeer we will soon be launching our new payments service, which will be a premium service. The key benefit of this new service is it will allow creches to receive fee payments from parents within the Komeer platform, spreading the payments from the parents who use your creche over a 12-month period, for example. Don’t worry though you can also just use Komeer for its FREE services if that suits your budget best.


Komeer: Improving the way Irish childcare settings communicate with parents:

We want Komeer to be the chosen provider of communication technology for childcare settings throughout Ireland. Sign up today and play your part in making that happen!