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We are sure you are looking forward to using the new Komeer app. We’re excited too! So here’ a little video and a few instructions to get you started.

How to install the free Komeer app and get started:

  1. Search for and install the free Komeer App from your phone app or play store
  2. Open the Komeer app and follow the instructions to create an account 
  3. Make sure to complete all the details so the School / Group will have your correct contact details
  4. After you have selected your school, you will need to be approved before receiving alerts
  5. Once approved you can respond Yes, No or Maybe to 

Now you will be able to

  • Receive updates from your school
  • Receive and respond to school event invitations 
  • Add School activities and dates to your phone calendar
  • Keep your contact details up to date
Need help?  See our app support at: Komeer App Support. Or email [email protected] 
Komeer is free for Schools and free for Parents!
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