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Getting Started with Komeer


Getting Started!

Our team would like to thank you for choosing Komeer as your communications service. We have several ways you can let parents know that your school are now using Komeer.

One of the quickest ways to get parents/guardians to download the Komeer App is to Send Invites. This is a simple and fast 2 step process and one of the most effective ways of getting users onboard. See more here

We have Parent Cards that you can download and print, these can be handed out to all parents which will tell them all they need to know about the Komeer App and advise them how to download and set up their new account.

This short Video will guide the users through the setup process.

We also have an Information Pack that you can download which will help guide you through the process of getting parents on-board.

Now we have made it even easier to stay connected with all parents/guardians via the Komeer Website Widget that you can copy onto your website.

You can also purchase a Banner for your school railing so parents will be regularly reminded that you are using the Komeer app to communicate with them.

We have created some Video Tutorials which will help you get started with your new Komeer account and start saving money.

All you need to know about getting started with the new Komeer Payments Service.

Getting started with your Komeer account

Getting Started in 5 Easy Steps

Komeer 5 Step Guide

Getting Started Guide

Step 1

Your first step is to import your users. Click here and select “Import” to import your users.

Step 2

Now you can import your children. Click here and select “Import” to import your children.

Step 3

Assign your children to their parents. This can be done via the Children’s Table here.

Step 4

You can create a new group for your recently imported children. Click here to create your First Group.

Step 5

Click here to send your first alert asking parents to download the Komeer App.

Komeer Dashboard

Komeer Dashboard

Getting to know your Dashboard

We have created some Video Tutorials to help you manage your Komeer dashboard and guide you through setting up your account.

Click on the link below to get started.

Komeer Video Link

Send Invites to Parents/Guardians

Komeer’s new Quick 2 Step Plan to ‘Upload Contact Emails’ and ‘Send Invites’ will help get your users onboard quickly so you can start engaging with parents and make valuable savings.

You can find out more about sending invites here


Send Invites

Informing Parents about the new Komeer App.

Parent Card Front
Once downloaded, Parent Card handouts are great for including in letters home or giving out at school events. Each parent will receive a Parent Card with step by step instructions on how to download Komeer App.
Parent Card Back
The Information Pack includes information to help schools explain what Komeer is and help encourage parents to use it.
Click the link below to view your pack.

How to Install and Setup the Komeer App?


Komeer Website Widget


Komeer Widget Logo

We have designed the Komeer website widget so you can copy and paste the code onto your website. This will enable parents/guardians that are unable to download the Komeer app to create/login to their account via the Komeer web app.

The web app can be accessed on their laptop/p.c and on any browser once they have an internet connection, so now you can stay connected with all parents/guardians.

You can also direct non-app users to


Getting Started with Komeer Payments

Now that Komeer Payments Service has arrived, with your communications, events and payments all in one place, the setup process has never been easier.

The setup process has been designed with our customers in mind so that your precious administration time is not wasted.

Just follow our simple setup guide and you will be setup within minutes so you can start sending out payment alerts and start collecting money immediately. 

Payments Made Easy


Komeer Payments Main

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